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Program Development and Implementation

Are there places where you feel you may need a new or fundamentally redesigned program for EHS management? Whether it's due to resource limitations or in-house expertise limitations, EHS Works will provide cost-effective and targeted operational programs.

Too many times we see written programs that were created with the sole intent of passing internal or external audits or regulatory reviews.  “Beyond compliance” means programs are written to provide ongoing, sustainable mechanisms to assess risk and adequately control them, using the frameworks required or implied by regulation. Note that the sequence of this is important!

An “operational” EHS program is designed to actually be acted upon, by at-risk employees.  This usually means a concise and meaningful tool, sometimes much more simple in its form or format than is traditional or typical. Though these tools are often considered adjunct, they are actually the most critical. They keep end-user employees engaged and respected; this is critical to developing a strong culture.   Strong culture, for leaders and individuals will be more powerful than any lengthy set of EHS SOPS primarily designed as reading material for upper management!

Auditing/Inspection: Management Program Evaluation and Validation

How are your programs working? Are they alive and well, and incorporated into the operations and organizations they were designed to support? Are they conceived around “doing the right things right”?

Some of the ways to determine this include compliance audits, implementation assessments, needs assessments, management systems audit, cultural assessment, and risk/gap analysis. In all, they can be considered management program performance validation and a form of QC.

While these are tools and concepts that are familiar to many, the difference lies in the precision and 'reality' of any conclusions made, and recommendations based upon them.  EHS Works looks at these efforts similarly to a painting or renovation project; preparation is everything! And the outcome is meant to be lived in, not just looked at.

Without a clear understanding of the existing conditions, drivers, priorities, and culture, an objective audit will often just be a “checklist” or checkup. Sometimes this may be what is desired or required by certain management structures.  However, the most value is derived from a “holistic” approach in performing management program and performance evaluations as a form of QC.

Health and Safety Training, Learning, and Performance!

Do your employees look forward to their EHS training? There is no reason why they shouldn't!  EHS Works and Engagement By Design have created training where learners don't look at their watches as the session comes close to ending time.  This human trait that says, "let me out of here!", is an accepted norm for EHS training, though there is no good reason for it to be so.

With many years of EHS management of programs and practice, most topics can be merged and/or tailored to meet your needs. Classes can be based in your content or by EHS Works or any combination to ensure relevance to your learners. Using many years of subject-matter expertise and sound instructional design for adult learners and effectiveness, training is enjoyable, engaging, and effective.

A range of classes are available, including:

Forklift Operator Training,


Ergonomics/Preventing Musculoskeletal Injury,

Back Injury Prevention,

Electrical Safety,

Work At Heights,

Biosafety For Laboratories,

Basic Hazard Communication (chemical hazards),

Lab Safe Work Practices,

Confined Space Entry, Safety Leadership for Supervisors/Managers, and many more. 

Learners' needs, life experience, and performance outcomes are given top priority, generating the respect and recognition that adult learners need to be successful.  EHS training often falls prey to some of the same faulty cultural drivers and priorities as their associated programs; they are designed to primarily to check boxes, and less to change performance.  At we can take your training from pro forma to engaging and "fun-effective".

Comfortable Computing // Ergonomics At Home

If you spend many hours in front of a computer, you probably know the feeling of stiffness or pain to various parts of your body.  In an acute or chronic fashion, sitting has many downsides, as many studies are now showing; so sit less!
But if you are trying to figure out the best way to interface with your computer/workstation while you are there, I may be able to help. I can help you navigate through much of the product and tribal wisdom to find the truly best biomechanical ways to work at your computer, reducing risk of musculoskeletal issues.

I've done deskside consults with hundreds of people to guide and advise on what to do and what not to do. I also conduct group training on how to evaluate and reduce risks for all kinds of motion and work-related injuries at home and work. I'll come to your home to evaluate the specifics of your workstation set-up, and help you feel better in the long run, for reasonable cost.

Before you go out and buy that next gadget, get in touch and we'll see what is the best path forward.