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Bill Trabilcy  CHMM, CET

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From industrial hygiene technical work to global lead audit, Bill has developed strong technical and management tools to support compliance and risk-based EHS compliance programs in a wide range of settings.  

  • Over 12 years in consulting engineering firms, his customized and efficient subject matter expertise has provided solutions to Fortune 100 firms and small clients alike. 
  • Over 10 years in industry in research, power plant, biopharma, operations/distribution, and trades/construction, he has provided innovative programs to prevent loss, injury, environmental impact, and noncompliance within internal teams settings 

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  • Global Lead and Team audit for multiple Fortune 500 companies.  Former CPEA.
  • Thought leader for performance-based training in EHS/HSE program areas; global training lead for culture, leadership, and safety programs in biopharma and academic settings
  • Environmental management for air, wastewater, and haz/bio waste programs in research and operations
  • Safety and exposure control for multiple investigation/design/remediation/monitoring for hazardous waste sites
  • "Operationalized" EHS tools in numerous compliance/conformance areas means health and safety programs are sustainable and viable for end users/target population at risk.  Static corporate programs don't usually translate into providing relevant tools and partnership.
  • Highly recognized for innovative, engaging learning environments for specific and narrow learner cohorts. Speaker at multiple national conferences on training / learning strategies
  • Member of national board for qualification exam question validation, for CET certification